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College Nudists

February 16th, 2010

Are all college students nudists? No way. But many students do experiment with nudity in their college years. For some it is just that – a short term experiment to be considered a naughty little college ritual and shunned for the rest of life. Others may continue to have at least a laid-back attitude regarding nudity for life, in part due to college experiences. A few will like nudity so much they will someday call themselves nudists, however most students who end up a nudist aren’t ready to accept the label of “nudist” or “naturist” during their school years.

College students’ nude ventures may take a variety of forms. They may be of a more obnoxious nature, i.e. streaking across the university campus, drunk at 3 AM, college hazing rituals, or in a more relaxed, less legally risky setting such as swimming or sunbathing nude at a local lake or resort. Students at some universities have even organized low-profile, civilized nude parties – sort of like a toga party… without the toga.

Whatever the method of getting comfortable in one’s own skin, realizing that nudity can be a wonderful thing is a lesson that can last a lifetime.

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