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Nudist Employment

June 23rd, 2013

Ever dreamed of being able to work all day nude? There are many possibilities, anywhere from working at a nudist resort, to working from home. Below are some ideas and links. Finding a naked job might take more time, work and creativity, but can worth it in the end.

Nudist Resorts

Nudist Resorts (clothing-optional, naturist also) are an obvious source of a nudist job. Review the job listing or contact the employer to ensure you will be actually working nude. Many of these jobs are just a clothed job at a nudist resort, so read the “fine print”. Check your favorite resort’s website for job listings or ask in-person.

Work-at-Home Jobs/Business

Almost any work-at-home job can be a nudist job. As long as you do not have frequent non-nudist visitors, you can be as naked as you want to be! A work-at-home job can be regular employment, contract work from home or more your own full-fledged business. Of course, that brings us to the next topic…

Start Your Own Clothing-Optional Workplace

Start your own business and hire only nudists or those who are very tolerant of nudity. As with working form home alone, it would work best with very few visitors. A remote location would be best, but anyplace where someone could quickly dress to answer the door might suffice. A business with nudist employess would not have to be a nudist-related service. The business could be any kind of business where nudity would not be too inpractical. Food service, welding, mechanic work would not be good nude businesses, but call centers, some agriculture, office work, warehouse work and many others might work just fine. Consider each possibility independently, as some options might be legal, but might be considered too scandalous for your business to succeed.

Start An On-site Nude Service

Any kind of service or consulting could be offered in the nude. This would depend on your market and would probably not fare well in small markets. Examples are a handyman, computer services, real estate or business consultation or cleaning. You would need to be careful that the customer doesn’t get the wrong idea, which is why it would be good to have to sign an agreement or only market to other nudists in the first place. There is a man in Tampa that does handyman work in the nude and probably many others around the country that can offer various other services.

Nude Modeling

This is rarely a full-time job, but could make you a few bucks here and there. Many universities hire nude models for their art classes. Sometimes university policies prohibited students from being models themselves, therefore someone who is not a current student may be required. Don’t worry if you do not have what is considered an “ideal” body. That is usually not the point. They just need someone willing and who will do the job right. Downsides can be the discomfort of maintaining a given position for a long time and the typically low pay.

Check back for more information in coming weeks, and contact us if you have any employment available, need employment or any other thoughts or ideas. Check the links below for more information:

Nudist Employment Links

* Remember many of these resort jobs may not be actual working-in-the-nude jobs, but clothed jobs in a nudist environment.

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